This shallow lake is located in the centre of a large residential area. There are various access points around the estates and parking is extremely limited. Great care must be taken when parking, so as not to cause inconvenience of any kind to the local residents. At all times anglers should ensure that they carry out their sport with consideration for the local residents.

YDAA - Rawcliffe Lake

Venue Rules

The “Friends of Rawcliffe Lake”, City of York Council and YDAA have a very good working relationship, and the following additional regulations have been agreed for this water.

  • A responsible adult must accompany children under the age of ten at all times.
  • No match fishing.
  • No ground bait.
  • Hooks are to be barbless, or ‘microbarbed’.
  • No keepnets.
  • Rods limited to two (2) per person, not two per license.
  • No night fishing, (not before 07:00 or after 22:00 hours).
  • Litter. None to be left in the licensed area (5 metres back from the waters edge).
  • No fishing or trespassing in the Nature Reserve areas.

Species and Tactics

It is a balancing lake for the surrounding storm water systems and contains a very large head of fish. Roach are the predominate species with bream, tench, brown goldfish and chub also present. There are some very large specimen fish, which are often not reported. Maggots under a waggler or simple feeder tactics will account for the majority of species. The lake fishes well throughout the year. The banks are exceptionally stony so a free-standing, tripod-style rod rest, or chair/box attachments will be required to support your rods.

As fish welfare is one of our primary concerns, please make sure all fish brought onto the bank are placed on an unhooking mat to keep them from damage on the stones. Also, please make sure fish are netted and released in deeper water, again to prevent damage on the bottom of the lake in the shallows.


Travelling from the A1237 York outer ring road, turn off at the TESCO roundabout.
Go straight on at the first roundabout then take the second turning on the right.
This takes you to the various residential roads, which go around the fishery.
Access points are adjacent to these roads. Please park with consideration for the residents.

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