Objectives of the Amalgamation
  • The preservation of fish and spawn.
  • The prevention of pollution, poaching and illegal possession of fish.
  • The securing of waters, and the safeguarding of them, for the use of anglers and those friendly disposed to the art of angling for recreation and competition.
Code of Behaviour

This Code of Behaviour forms part of York DAA rules and should be followed AT ALL TIMES by Members and Day Ticket holders (for the purposes of this Code together called “Members”)

1. All Members must carry their authority when fishing, approach waters only by recognised ways and paths and keep the strictly to the river bank.
2. Follow the Countryside Code in so far as it is applicable
3. Secure all gates. Wilful damage to any fences, banks, interference with game or any acts which bring discredit upon the Amalgamation will render the Member liable to face disciplinary action at the discretion of the General Purposes Committee
4. Leave no litter.
5. Handle and return fish carefully.
6. No dogs allowed.
7. Only Members, apart from accompanying junior, intermediate or disabled anglers, are allowed on Amalgamation waters, other than the foregoing categories the waters are open to anglers only, no families or fishing guests are allowed to accompany Members.
8. Picnicking is not allowed.
9 .The use of portable radios and personal stereos is prohibited except with the use of personal headphones.
10. Light no fires.
11. No cans, tins, plastic or glass bottles to be left on the bankside.
12. Live baiting with fish is banned when fishing on York waters.
13. When fishing on any Amalgamation water no fish may be killed or taken away without the permission of the General Purposes Committee except for trout in the trout season over the 10 inch limit
14. Rod and line and pole angling only allowed.
15. Members are restricted to two rods in use at any one time.
16. Night fishing. The G.P. committee have been given the power to close fisheries to night fishing as and when required without having to come before an AGM for ratification. Any Member wishing to fish at night must email or text their name, membership number, car registration and venue with date of fishing to vchair@ydaa.org or 07577231168 24 hours prior to fishing. On waters which allow night fishing, and are not subject to venue specific rules, a member must not stay for longer than 24 hours, and must remove themselves and all tackle from that venue, and must not return within 12 hours to that venue. (Junior members may not night fish.)
17. Remember you are guest of the riparian owner. Avoid damage to crops, fences, property etc.
18. Do not be afraid to use your rights to protect your fishing. You are allowed to require persons who are fishing to produce their Yearbook/Day Ticket but be courteous in doing so. Each angler must also when requested to do so, show their Yearbook/Day Ticket and also fish caught` to any agents of the lessors, watchers or any member of the Amalgamation and production of their Yearbook or other appropriate authority shall authorise such a request.
19. No Members shall approach the riparian land-owner in matters relating to our waters except when authorized to do so by the General Secretary.
20. There are no shooting rights on the following ponds, Burn Road, Hemingborough, Park View. Any incidence of shooting should be reported to the General Secretary.
21. The purchase of a Yearbook, Holiday Permit or Day Ticket constitutes an undertaking that the holder will observe the Amalgamation Constitution/Rules and the Code of Behaviour and that any contravention of them could render the Holder liable to disciplinary action.



The Amalgamation shall be called the York & District Amalgamation of Anglers. (Hereby referred to as the Amalgamation) Management is defined under GOVERNANCE below.


The objectives of the Amalgamation shall be:
The preservation of fish and spawn.
The prevention of pollution, poaching and illegal possession of fish.
The securing of waters and the safeguarding of them, for the use of anglers and those friendly disposed to the art of angling for recreation and competition.
To purchase or rent facilities and manage them for the benefit of its members.
The promotion of angling as a recreation pastime and sport and to encourage participation in the sport.


The Amalgamation membership shall consist of Ordinary Members, Life Members, Complimentary Members, and Holiday Members.


The following membership categories shall apply:

  • Junior – being any person over 8 years of age on 1 January. (Non-voting.)
  • Intermediate – being any person over 16 years of age and under the age of 18 years on 1 January. (Non-voting)
  • Adult – being any person over 18 years of age but under the age of 65 on 1 January.
  • Veteran – being any person over the age of 65 on 1 January.
  • Disabled – in receipt of a concessionary EA Licence/Blue Badge.
  • Holiday – Temporary membership for either 7 or 16 days.

The minimum age for membership is 8 years.

Membership subscriptions will be reviewed annually at the AGM.

All members will be subject to the regulations of the constitution and by joining the Amalgamation will be deemed to accept these regulations, policies and the code of conduct/rules of the Amalgamation.
The purchase of a Day Ticket will allow a non-member to fish on any of our Day Ticket waters at their own risk.


Yearly permits will only be issued by the Treasurer, and the Amalgamation appointed agents, on payment of subscriptions and shall be valid for twelve months, commencing on the 1st January and ending on the 31st December. Holiday Permits shall be valid between the dates shown on the permit.

a) The names and addresses of the members for whom the permits are applied must be given.
b) Complimentary permits may be issued by the Chairman and Secretary.
c) Members (aged 12 years and over) must be in possession of an Environment Agency Rod Licence when fishing on any Amalgamation water.
d) Junior member anglers between the ages of 8 and 16 MUST BE, and Intermediate and Disabled Anglers can be, accompanied by a responsible adult.
e) The Amalgamation, through its Officers and Delegates, reserves the right to withdrawn the membership permit from anyone who is in breach of the code of conduct/rules as printed annually or who does or says anything which is deemed by the G.P.C.to damage the Amalgamation or otherwise bring the Amalgamation into disrepute.


Any club may apply to affiliate to the Amalgamation. They can be proposed, seconded and elected at either the AGM or at a General Purposes Committee meeting on payment of an affiliation fee. All members of affiliated clubs MUST hold a current YDAA Yearbook. No club, member or group of members shall compete with the Amalgamation in obtaining water. All clubs applying for affiliation must provide evidence of being bona-fide.


a) The Trustees shall be the Chairman, Vice Chairman, the Secretary, and the Treasurer. No member can become a Trustee unless they have served for a minimum of two years on the General Purposes Committee.
b) The property of the Amalgamation shall be vested in the four Trustees. They shall hold the property upon trust for the members of the Amalgamation in accordance with the directions of the Officers.
c) The Trustees shall purchase or dispose of any such property as directed by resolution of the General Purposes Committee and an entry in the Minutes shall constitute evidence of any such resolution.
d) All Trustees will be indemnified out of the property and assets of the Amalgamation for any expenses or liabilities incurred in the discharge of their duties. Furthermore, the Secretary and Treasurer will ensure that insurance covering Third Party Liability is always taken out by the Amalgamation.
e) The Trustees shall hold office until death or resignation or until removed from office by the Amalgamation in a general meeting or by the resolution of the committee who may for any reason which may seem sufficient to a majority present and voting at any meeting remove any trustee or trustees from office or Trustees.
f) For the purpose of giving effect to such nomination the president is hereby nominated as the person to appoint new Trustees of the amalgamation within the meaning of section 36 of the trustees act 1925 and he shall by deeds duly appointed the person or persons so nominated by the committee of the new Trustee or Trustees of the amalgamation of the provisions of the trustees act 1925 shall apply to any such appointment. Any statement of fact in such deed shall favour a person dealing bona fide for value with the amalgamation or the committee be conclusive evidence of the fact so stated.


The Senior Officers of the Amalgamation shall consist of:

  • President (Non-Executive Officer)
  • Vice President (Non-Executive officer)
  • Chairman (Executive Officer)
  • Vice Chairman (Executive Officer)
  • Secretary (Executive Officer)
  • Treasurer (Executive Officer)

The GPC shall then appoint any further officers which they deem necessary for the running of the Amalgamation.

A role description shall be provided to each Officer.


The Amalgamation and its members shall be governed by the Officers plus a General Purposes Committee of not more than twenty members all of whom most reside in the areas stipulated under item c) in the General Meeting rules. (Hereafter referred to as the GPC.)

a) The GPC shall meet at dates and times agreed at the AGM and at other times as necessary.
b) Nine members and/or Officers shall be a quorum for the GPC meetings and five Members for all sub-committee meeting.
c) The Secretary shall be present at all general and sub-committee meetings and shall keep a record of all business conducted at every meeting.
d) The ruling of the Chairman upon points of order shall be absolute and without appeal.
e) The members must confine their remarks to the subject under discussion and they must be made through the Chairman.
f) The number of votes for and against every resolution shall be entered into the minutes.
g) All votes shall be decided by a majority of the Officers and members present. In the case of a tie the Chairman shall have an extra deciding vote. Any business may be passed to an appropriate sub-committee, but the decisions of these sub-committees shall be reported to the GPC who may accept or reject any recommendations proposed by a sub-committee.
h) Should a position of office become vacant during the year a replacement will be decided upon by the Trustees and the Officer will stand until the following AGM.


The GPC shall be empowered to form committees and sub-committees to oversee the day-to-day management of the Amalgamation and to undertake investigations into the continued development of the facilities and services offered to members.

The Trustees shall be members of all committees.

A report of all discussions and decisions taken by committees and sub-committees shall be presented to the members at the next available meeting.


All breaches of the rules should be reported to the Secretary who will investigate the same and report to the GPC.

There will be a disciplinary committee consisting of the four Trustees plus one other of the President, Vice President, Match Secretary, Waters Secretary or Head Bailiff.

The committee shall be empowered to deal with any matter relating to the infringement of rules and regulations committed by either a club or an individual member.

Any club or member not complying with the rules of the Amalgamation may be suspended for a certain period and shall be allowed to return to the Amalgamation after the lapse of that period of suspension without making an application, but any club or member who has been expelled from the Amalgamation shall not be accepted at any future time.

Any club or member being expelled from the Amalgamation shall have the right of appeal to a sub-committee appointed by the GPC.


a) The minutes of the previous meeting shall be read.
b) All correspondence shall be read after the minutes have been confirmed.
c) Reports of Officers and committees shall have precedence over ordinary motions.
d) Whenever an amendment is made upon the original proposition no second amendment shall be taken into consideration until the first has been disposed of. If a first amendment be carried it shall then be put as a substantive motion whereupon any further amendment be negated then a second may be put but only one amendment shall be submitted to the meeting at one time.
e) No member (except the mover of the proposition) shall be allowed to speak more than once upon the same motion.
f) Any speaker shall be limited to a period of five minutes on any one subject.
g) The mover of the proposition or amendment shall have the right of reply to arguments brought against the motion immediately after which the question shall be put.
h) Any debate may now be closed by a resolution ‘that the question now be put’ being moved, seconded and carried, such resolution being put to the meeting without debate; but no speaker to be interrupted for the purpose of proposing such a motion.
i) Whenever the Chairman rises to speak all other members must immediately be seated and no other member may rise until the chair is resumed.


a) The Annual General Meeting will be held on the second Wednesday in November and will be open to all members, who became members of the Amalgamation on or before the 30 September in the current year, upon production of their membership permit.
b) A member presenting a Notice of Motion must put it in writing, duly seconded, and it must be submitted six weeks before the AGM. The Motion may be briefly explained and the reasons given but no discussion shall take place until the AGM.
c) The election the G.P.C. shall take place at the AGM and all members residing in the YO, HG, LS22, LS23 and LS24 postcode areas (as defined on 1 January 2014) shall be entitled to vote.
d) Candidates wishing to stand for a position as an Executive Officer of the Amalgamation must confirm their willingness to stand, and be nominated and seconded by two current members at the October GPC meeting prior to the AGM.
e) Any member seeking re-election to the GPC must have attended at least 50% of GPC meetings in the previous year unless the GPC determines that special circumstances apply.
f) Voting shall be carried out by a show of hand or, on the decision of the Chairman, by paper ballot on a straight majority. (Junior members may attend the meeting but are not allowed to vote.) Two tellers who are not nominated for any office shall be put forward from the AGM by the Chairman.
g) Elected officers must have taken office by the following GPC meeting.
h) This constitution and rules can normally only be altered at the AGM or at an SGM by a two thirds majority of members present and voting unless there is a legal requirement. However, the GPC shall have the power to alter, amend or rescind any rule after giving one month’s notice at a GPC meeting. The proposed change must receive not less than two thirds of the vote of the GPC members present before it becomes valid and it should be ratified at the next AGM.
i) No amendment to be taken to a Notice of Motion; a direct vote for or against shall decide the issue except changes of rules as per item h) above.
j) A special meeting may be called by any ten members to consider an extraordinary occurrence not herein provided for.


a) The financial management of the Amalgamation shall be carried out by the Treasurer, under the guidance of the Finance Committee, which shall be comprised of the four Trustees and members of the GPC who have served at least two full years on that committee.
b) The Treasurer shall present a monthly statement of accounts to the finance committee.
c) The monies of the Amalgamation shall be banked in the names of the four Trustees who shall also be responsible to the owners of waters rented by the Amalgamation.
d) The funds of the Amalgamation shall be lodged in a bank, building society, or other suitable financial institution that is licenced by the F.S.A. and approved by the Trustees. Cheques issued by the Amalgamation will be valid when bearing the signature of any three of the four Trustees. Investments may be made on behalf of the Amalgamation only with the written agreement of all four Trustees.
e) A professional accountant will examine the accounts of the Amalgamation and check that a complete record of receipts and payments has been duly entered by the Treasurer, and generally vouch for the correctness of the financial report.


The Secretary, Treasurer, and other officers shall receive an annual allowance to cover all incidental expenses they incur during the year.


The Amalgamation shall not cease to exist so long as there are 50 subscribing members.

If, at any General Meeting of the Amalgamation, a resolution be passed calling for the dissolution of the Amalgamation the Secretary shall immediately convene a Special General Meeting within one month to discuss and vote on the resolution. If, at that Special General Meeting, the resolution is carried by at least 80% of the members present at the meeting the Trustees and the GPC shall thereupon, or at such a date as shall a have been specified in the resolution, proceed to realise the surplus assets of the Amalgamation and discharge all debts and liabilities.

If upon the dissolution or winding up of the Amalgamation there remains, after the satisfaction of any debts or liabilities, any property whatsoever it shall be transferred to another voluntary angling club or similar body or bodies, or a trust, having objectives and aims similar to those of the York & District Amalgamation of Anglers. There shall be no distribution of income or property amongst the Amalgamation’s members other than any necessary expenses incurred by any Officer during the winding-up or dissolution process. The determination of transfer of surplus assets shall be made ultimately by the Trustees in consultation with the GPC

Game Permit Rules

In 2013 York DAA introduced a Game Fishing Permit for members who wish to fish Acaster and Widdington for Salmon from 6 April to 30 June (inclusive)

NOTE: Part of these waters will be closed to ALL other members during this period.

Game Permit rules are as follows:

1. The permit will be valid at Acaster and Widdington fisheries from 6th April to 30th June (inclusive).
2. The holder of this permit must abide by all York DAA Rules and Code of Behaviour.
3. Fishing is only allowed during the hours of daylight.
4. All members must have a valid Environmental Agency Fishing Rod Licence allowing them to fish for ‘Game Fish’.
5. No Guests allowed.
6. No Salmon may be taken before 16 June.
7. Anglers may only use artificial fly or artificial lure before 16th June.
8. No applications will be accepted from persons under 18 years of age.
9. Returns. All permit holders must submit a return to York DAA by 31st October 2013 (even if you did not catch anything). This form will be sent out with your permit.

NOTE: It is an offence to sell, exchange or barter rod-caught salmon and sea trout in England and Wales.

Wading is dangerous. It is advisable to wear a life jacket/life preserver at all times especially as the River Ouse at Acaster is tidal. If you are going fishing alone tell people where you are going and when you are likely to return.

Match and Competition Rules

Permission for matches is given to clubs on condition that ANGLERS ONLY go with the party.

1. When a club has been granted permission to stake a match all individual anglers must move beyond the limits of the staked water when requested to do so, providing that the request is accompanied by a proof that the match is authorized.
2. Affiliated club shall have the right to fish more than ten matches in these waters. No matches on Trout Becks, Sand Hutton. Hemingborough and Burn Road Ponds at the discretion of the G.P.C..
3. Unaffiliated clubs shall pay for a minimum of fifteen day permit fees plus a booking fee (reviewed annually) plus a day permit fee for all unaffiliated members in excess of 15. All fees to be paid in full to the Water Secretary before official match permit issued.
4. Affiliated clubs shall be charged a booking fee for each match booked. Affiliations Fee £10. Bookings to be in by the 25 DEC each year.
5. The names of all affiliated clubs shall be put to the hat and drawn for to decide priority for match bookings.
6. Any four members of the amalgamation may form a team. If they are not members of the same club they must represent the amalgamation and fish as York Amalgamation a,b,c etc. In the latter case that trophy will remain at HQ. Each team to pay an entrance fee on the morning of the match.
7. All trophies, after presentation, shall be immediately returned on request.
8. In order to claim exemption from the finance act 1966 – betting and gaming duty, Bookmakers and not allowed to operate the respective competitions organized by this amalgamation in the area of the competition.
9. Any member of York Amalgamation attempting to defraud the matches shall be expelled from the membership of the amalgamation. In case of fraud been proved against any person when fishing York Amalgamation matches such person shall be prosecuted at the discretion of the amalgamation.
10. Any prize or payment from any match not claimed within six days shall forfeit to go into the match account.
11. Any club found guilty of litter or other offences shall in addition to whatever other penalty may be imposed, forgo any priority in match bookings.
12. Affiliated clubs may fish a section more than once but only at the water secretaries discretion.

Open Match Rules

1. Keep nets to be not less than 8ft. length x 15 inches diameter rectangular nets to be 8 feet x 15 inches x 10 inches compulsory in all matches, of knotless material this includes a landing nets.
2. Match officials shall have the authority to search equipment of all competitors.
3. The method of draw shall be that the weigh-in cards shall be issued to competitors with the peg number fully sealed and not in consecutive order in return for match tickets signed by competitor.
4. Competitors having drawn may proceed to their pegs but must not on any account groundbait the swim. Keep nets can be position and plumbing is allowed before the starting signal.
5. More than one rod may be socketed at the same time with tackles assembled for use in a position behind him providing that no such tackles be baited other than the one in use – one single hook only maybe in use. Competitors must play their own fish that are allowed assistance in netting.
6. All fish to be tended to the scales and weigh-in on the bank in the presence of one Steward and one weigher. Fish presented in a dirty condition shall warrant disqualification. All scale fish on been weighed shall be returned carefully to the water and must not be thrown back from any distance. In any case of dispute the fish shall be taken in charge or by the weighers-in and brought before the match committee. Any competitor refusing to hand over fish shall be disqualified. Weighers are authorised to refuse to weigh the catch of a competitor having litter in the vicinity of his peg.
7. No objection to be entered after the results is announced and accepted. All objections to be in writing.
8. Re hooking of fish and spinning are prohibited. No competitor shall have live or dead fish in his possession before a match. All competitors must submit to search if requested.
9. All fish to count except Pike, shellfish and trout under 9in. (No trout after 30 September.)
10. Competition shall receive a duplicate copy of the weight registered and shall be required to produce the same in case of dispute.
11. A competitor will be allowed no more than 30 minutes after the fishing signal to land the fish hooked prior to the signal to finish.
12. All baits are allowed subject to local rules. Groundbait may be thrown into hand or all use of catapult, throwing sticks swimfeeders and bait droppers but no other mechanical means of projecting groudbait is allowed.
13. No competitor to interfere in any way with the swim of competitors on either side or directly opposite his own swim. No competitor to leave his peg without withdrawing his tackle completely from the water. Where anglers are fishing opposite each other the extent of the swim shall be defined by the centre of the river.
14. A weigher-in having fished of his own to weigh shall have his ticket signed by two independent witnesses.
15. All competitors to have a minimum of twenty yards were practicable; peg numbers to remain a position until the end of the match.
16. After the starting signal a competitor may wade provided that are no time the water extends above the knee.
17. Every competitor must not be more than one yard either side of their stake.
18. Pike are banned in YDAA matches.

The Leeds and York Amalgamated Society of Anglers

The Sutton on Derwent Fishery

The rules for the above water:

1. That a separate banking account the kept of the moneys derived from this water. A joint account to be banked in the names of Leeds and York Amalgamated Societies. Cheues to be signed by any two of the four trustees.
2. Day members permits are available.
3. Match booking through match Secretary. (Y.D.A.A.)
4. Match booking fees will affiliated clubs £4.00 each 30 pegs or part of 30.
5. Day members permits to be issued in respect of one person only and to be valid for day of issue only. This must be clearly marked.
6. Members of each Association must be in possession of a Year Book. Failing this they must purchase a day permit prior to fishing.

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