YDAA control approximately 4 miles of the Rye at Newsham Bridge:

  • Looking down stream from the bridge the right bank for approximately one mile.
  • Upstream from the bridge the right bank for nearly three miles.
  • The left Bank upstream up to the House approximately 300yards.


YDAA - River Rye

Day tickets are available from the usual outlets.

Species and Tactics

This section of water holds a large variety of species. Dace, chub, gudgeon and grayling are the predominate species, and during the spring and summer, barbel frequent the water as they migrate to and from spawning areas. Large pike have been caught on the section and occasional trout are present. Reasonable catches of roach have been made, but these shoals can be elusive. The river averages 6 to 8 ft in places and responds well to running lines and stick floats used in conjunction with maggot or casters. Regular little and often feeding should draw the fish to the angler. Larger fish are caught using static ledgered baits, meat, cheese paste or pellets.


Travelling from York, take the A64 to Malton then the B 1257 to Amotherby.
At Amotherby turn right and follow the road until Newsham Bridge is reached.
For the down stream section, cars can turn right immediately before the bridge into the farm yard and park carefully in the yard itself.

For the upstream section cars can turn left immediately before the bridge and follow the farm track, which runs parallel to the riverbank for the length of the fishery.

Cars should park off the track and the river is accessed directly from the track.

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