YDAA control the fishing on the right bank for over two miles. The fishery is split into two sections. Night fishing is allowed by prior arrangement via the Waters Secretary. Day tickets are available from the usual outlets. The fishery is divided it to sections for the purpose of match bookings and differs in depths and widths, and is suitable for all methods of angling and can throw up some real surprises.

YDAA - River Ouse - Red House

Species and Tactics

This section of water holds most river species. Carp and tench have occasionally been captured. During the summer, large bags of bream over 100lb can be caught and there is a number of locations where these large shoals live on a permanent basis. Roach and perch can be caught in good numbers to pole, waggler or stick tactics. The large catches of bream inevitably fall to ground bait feeder tactics with caster or worm. There are some noted barbel swims along the length producing occasional double figure fish.


Travelling from York, take the A59 to Knaresbourgh; turn right after the double bend sign posted, Moor Monkton, then the first right into Red House lane. Proceed down the private road past Red House Wood.

Park on the grass triangle just before the entrance to Red House Manor.

Walk up the tarmac road towards the buildings and after a short while you will see a sign indicating a permissive footpath to the river.

Turn right and follow this sign and footpath until you come to the river. Then turn down stream and go through the gate just above the big Barge into a small paddock.

The start of the fishery is through the next gate downstream of the Barge.

The alternative route to the bottom section, after parking at estate entrance is, walk via the road through the estate buildings, and continue to walk through the paddock on left after the buildings and thence to ‘big tree’.

Care must be taken to make sure all the paddock gates are secured after passing through to prevent the escape of the horses.

The fishery extends some miles right through to Poppleton.

Red House (Middle Section)

From the gate below the Barge, to the dead “Big Tree” below the sandbed, through the ‘paddock’.

Red House (Bottom Section)

From the “Big Tree” down to Killingbeck. Killingbeck is approximately the halfway point between Red House and Poppleton

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