Approximately one and a half miles above the weir. This section is jointly held with Leeds & District Amalgamated Society of Anglers. A private car park for members is provided, on the right, adjacent to the river between the road bridge (approaching from Elvington), and the water mill. Day tickets are available from the usual outlets and the general store at Elvington. No night fishing.

YDAA - River Derwent - Sutton

Species and Tactics

This section above the bridge is very deep and renowned for late season sport as fish shoal up prior to spawning. Roach, dace, chub, gudgeon, perch and pike are the predominate species with the addition of occasional barbel and bream. Exceptional catches of roach are taken in winter using a slider or stick float with caster or maggot on the hook; a float around 6-7 BB is the norm. Feeders can also produce good catches.


A private car park is located between the road bridge and the weir. This give direct access to the river for the infirm and these can be very productive pegs especially in winter. Once you have parked here there is a gated public footpath, which gives access to upstream of the bridge. Be careful when crossing the road. Take care on the road as there is no footway and the cars come round the corner very fast.

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