YDAA controls both up and downstream sections of the Derwent at Howsham. On the Right Bank from the falls above the bridge to Barton Hill Beck, below the bridge, and on the left bank from Howsham Bridge to Paradise Farm, approximately three quarters of a mile.

YDAA - River Derwent - Howsham

One of the most picturesque stretches of any Yorkshire river. It should be noted that this section is shared with a local canoe club.

Species and Tactics

This section of water is fast and shallow and holds a large variety of species.

Roach, dace, chub gudgeon, perch and pike are the predominate species with the addition of occasional grayling and trout. This stretch is reputed to hold large barbel but they are very elusive and catching them takes a great deal of time and effort.

The river averages 8 to 10 ft in places and responds well to running lines and stick floats used in conjunction with maggot or casters. Regular little and often feeding should draw the fish to the angler. Ledgered bread flake can work well in the winter for the chub.


Travelling from York, take the A64 to Malton then turn right at the caravan show room following the signs for Howsham.

Parking is adjacent to the bridge. Please do not block the farm gates.

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