As part of our ongoing raft of improvements to the YDAA website, we will shortly be moving over to using the secure socket layers (SSL) protocol right across the site. This will mean that our site url will start with https rather than http, and you will see the small padlock icon in your browser next to the website address. Some browsers (e.g. Google Chrome) will also state that the website is ‘Secure’.

So, what does this mean to you? Well, the most important improvement is that all data transfer to and from our website will be encrypted and therefore secure. You will be able to use our web forms safe in the knowledge that no-one will be able to snoop in on your information. Google will also like us a bit more and improve our search-engine rankings, and there may also be a minor improvement in site performance, which is always a good thing!

The switch over will be taking place on Tuesday next week (18th September), and ‘should’ hopefully be a straight forward process. The site will be set up to automatically forward you to the https version should you accidentally enter http in your browser address bar, so any browser bookmarks you have for our website should continue to work as before.

Moving to https is not an insignificant change, so whilst we are hoping the switch over will result in little or no down time, there may be unforseen issues that could result in parts of or the enire site becoming unavailable. If this happens please be patient, and rest assured that we will be doing our best to bring the site back online in a timely manner.

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