There were a few areas (probably less than half a dozen) where this was growing over the past couple of years between the ‘white gate’ (Lido) and Killingbeck, and the farmer had poisoned it, but it keeps growing back. This year, I’ve noticed during the last month (as it has grown and flowered), that it has spread to more locations. The farmer has again poisoned a couple of areas where it has grown more quickly, but, there’s a lot more growing.  The biggest infestation of it is between where the single electricity cable crosses the river (just above where ‘shark island’ used to be), and below the pipe hole. Luckily, this is next to a run of dense willow down the bank where there isn’t any fishing pegs.

Another area of it that has just been poisoned (you can’t miss it, as all the vegetation turns yellowy brown looking scorched) is slightly upstream of the Overton Church Farm cattle drink.  There are also a lot of small outbreaks of it near the big tree; starting at the 5th platform up to the 6th platform.  I also noted that there are small outbreaks around the first two pegs into Killingbeck field; ‘Shog’s peg’ and the one above. It is a relative of cow parsley and the flower head looks very similar, but, is much bigger and has large leaves. (see links below). It is poisonous and the sap can burn, blister and scar skin. It should not be pulled up with bare hands, and if it is by mistake, then affected areas should be washed with cold water. Here’s some links to reading matter.

 Walkers urged to take care over dangerous hogweed

Giant Hogweed – Wikipedia

Many thanks to one of our members for this informative update.

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