The club has a strategic waters management plan and members are encouraged to add their suggestions to this plan by commenting online or attending the Annual General Meeting (where priorities for next year’s work are discussed).  Last year we commenced work opposite the Donkey Woods and cleared a large number of pegs on both the Palace Ings and Fulford stretches. We hope to complete this work in autumn.

We have also carried out work at Sutton on Derwent, Poppleton and most of our ponds, as well as the stretches mentioned above, and hope to continue this process to bring all our waters up to scratch. However, this is a time consuming process which involves a lot of negotiations with Landlords, Land Owners, Natural England and the Environment Agency to name but a few. There is also the question of cost, as a qualified tree surgeon and his team do not come cheaply, however we will be continuing this process as quickly as we are able to.

We planned to do some work on the Donkey Woods but there are problems over obtaining access to be able to work in this area which we are still trying to resolve. Added to this, as it is now the bird nesting season, no work can be done on trees from March to August unless we are sure there are no nesting birds, or their offspring, in the vicinity. In the past regular work parties have been planned to undertake planned maintenance but due to lack of volunteers these have been discontinued and the club funds have been used to engage with professional contractors. However, this is an expensive resource and is not sustainable at the current membership fee.

If you and your fellow members wish the club to provide swims on all our miles of rivers to a level that would be expected at a commercial fishery we would welcome your proposals, but this would have to be accompanied by a sharp increase in membership fees and any proposal involving an increase would need to be put forward for discussion and voting on at the next AGM (six weeks before the date of the meeting).

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