Below are the full membership and other subscription fees for the current year. All full memberships run from 1st January through to 31st December. All subscrption fees are subject to change each year if agreed and ratified by the membership at the Annual General Meeting held in November.

wdt_ID Type Fee
1 Adult £46.00
2 Senior Citizens (Aged 65+) £29.00
4 Juniors (8-18) One FREE membership available when purchased with an Adult membership by a family member, otherwise £12.00
5 Disabled Anglers £29.00
6 Laybourne Lakes Permit £5.00
7 Laybourne Lake Permit (If required after purchasing membership) £6.00
8 Day Members Tickets £6.00
9 Day Ticket for Selby Canal Only £3.00
10 Affiliation Fee (Clubs) £10.00
11 Affiliated Club Match Booking Fee £10.00

Disabled anglers are please asked to contact the Treasurer directly if you require a Disabled Membership. Please do so at:

The Laybourne Lakes Supplementary ticket is optional, but must be purchased if you wish to fish at the Laybourne Lakes Complex (all ponds). The ticket consists of a different coloured membership card. If, at a later date, you wish to purchase the Laybourne Supplementary ticket, please send your membership card and a cheque for £6 to the Treasurer. A new card valid for Laybourne Lakes will be sent by return. Alternatively, please email the Treasurer for alternative methods of payment.

After the 1st October, the cost of all YDAA Memberships will be halved. Memberships bought at this time will be valid until 31st December.

Lost membership cards may be replaced by forwarding a suitable stamped and addressed return envelope, and a cheque for £6.00 made out to “YDAA” to the Treasurer, advising of where the book was purchased, and if possible the number of the lost book. Please post this to the Treasurer’s address (see Members Guide for details). Upon receipt of this information a replacement book will be issued. Alternatively, please email the Treasurer for alternative methods of payment.

Night fishing is allowed on a number of our river sections, but only via prior arrangement with the Waters Secretary. Night fishing is allowed at two of our stillwaters, Claxton Ponds and Park View Lake. For Park View Lake, a permit must be purchased in advance to night fish, at a cost of £30 for the whole year (£10 administration fee for the first year). To night fish at Claxton, prior permission must be sought from the Waters Secretary. For further information please download and read our Guide to Night Fishing Permits, and to download an application form for a Park View Lake night fishing permit please click here.

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