Trout advice please

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Re: Trout advice please

Post by doyle » Sun Oct 08, 2017 9:16 am

I first saw Otters on the Rye in 2003, the fishing has slowly deteriorated since then.. There used to be Chub in good numbers around the Seven mouth, but over time they have got less and less.. The worrying thing being I've never seen many small fish coming through to replace them..
I've not ventured onto the Rye for 3 or 4 years now, which is a shame as it's only ten minutes from home.. A friend who is in the Ness syndicate upstream told me last year of a days Grayling fishing where he failed to catch a single fish, on a stretch where 20 or 30 would be the norm, most of the trees were covered in Cormorant droppings and there were Otter prints everywhere..

The Seven is the same, I see more Otters on there than Chub now, during the early 2000's we would tip a load of breadcrust off Marton bridge and follow it downstream to locate Chub, catching a handful off the top on floating breadcrust was great, again those Chub have gone..

I've fished the Ydaa stretch of the Seven a fair few times and never seen a Dace or Chub, 15 years ago I could usually find one..

The bend above the bridge at Great Barugh, I used to guest on, that always held some nice Dace till someone chopped all the willows back on the far bank...

If anyone is fishing the Rye currently and having any kind of success I'd be interested to hear, it is one of my favourite rivers.

matt s
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Re: Trout advice please

Post by matt s » Sun Oct 08, 2017 10:06 pm

Hi Doyle

I fished the rye at the start of the season and blanked so I thought i'd give the seven a go after blanking on it the only time I fished it a few years ago.
probably fished it about 5 or so times through summer and did better than I expected, mostly dace and grayling up to about 12oz, average 12 or 15 fish in 3 hours ish nothing big really but enjoyable, lost a trout below the bridge at great barugh ( still can't catch one on the rye/seven)

stopped at the rye a few times on the way home maybe 3 times and found it more hit and miss, had one really good session, maybe 8 grayling up to a pound, 4 or 5 dace including what was definitely an unofficial pb for me all in about an hour and a half. Fished about 4 days later and I had a couple of grayling and a dace in about 3 hours. The other time I struggled again a small chublet and a small dace I think was it.

Saw otters on both rivers most times whether blanking or catching a few.


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