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Newsheet 359 - June 2017

Members are reminded that Marley Pool (only) is closed on Mondays until 30th September. The next date that the pool will be open on Mondays is 2nd October.

Club secretaries are asked to report club match results (on any waters), with some interesting detail, for the benefit of other anglers, to the “Press” at angling@thepress.co.uk. Also please remember to submit the Environment Agency match return cards, again for any waters, as these benefit the junior anglers of the YDAA, a premium being received for each card, and if a certain submission percentages are reached, am additional bonus payment is triggered.

There has been an incidence of “fly-tipping” on the car park on the left 20 yards or so, inside the gate. Members witnessing such acts are asked to report them to the appropriate authorities without delay.

Members have, in the past, shown some concern about the price of the York ’book’. It is interesting to note other Associations prices....Northallerton, £45, Skipton, £80, Maidstone, £80, Luton, £82, Farnham, £100, Godalming, £140, Christchurch, £150, Ringwood, £165. Of course here are many that cost less than ours, Liverpool, £22, Long Eaton, £27, Mirfield, £30, Wigan £32, Nottingham, £35, Kidderminster £35, Bathampton, £40, King’s Lynn, £43, and the Carp Society ranging from £25 to £310. Food for thought????

Members are respectfully asked when arriving, or returning from, a fishing session to lay out their nets, landing and keep, also ‘stink bags’, to ensure that any bacteria, etc., is effectively killed by the UV light spectrum from the sun rays. It is of little use putting a dry net into a wet ‘stink bag’. Protection of our fishing stocks is of paramount importance.

Any of our anglers seeing ill or damaged Salmon should report the matter to the Environment Agency (0800 80 70 60) without delay, with descriptions of the infection and photographs if possible.

The second Bailiffs meeting was well attended with members being updated on the proposals to be carried out on the website and other needful subjects. Authority lanyards were distributed as necessary......any bailiff who has not yet received these and documentation should contact M. Longhurst.

These at present are running approximately at 78% of 2016 figures, but it is noted that the sales of Laybourne Lakes permits is down by some 68 anglers. These figures should improve with the onset of the 2017 ‘Open season’.

Three of your Trustees walked the banks with representatives from the Hall to discuss various aspects of fishing availability and improvements, an informative meeting be appreciated by both sides.
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